Poster Competition Sponsored by IAFI

We are excited to announce that a IAFI Sponsored Poster Competition will be held on Monday, September 11th. The judging will take place at lunch time.

  • Prizes will be given out for first ($500 USD), second ($300 USD), and third place ($200 USD) winners.
  • The judging scheme will be based on the following criteria: layout and design, technical competency, content accuracy, innovativeness, as well as poster mechanics.
  • The poster competition will be held in the Hörpuhorn space in the Harpa Conference Center.
  • Registered participants with accepted poster abstracts can participate and will be emailed further details.

We look forwarding to seeing you at the WSC 2017 and check back for IAFI WSC 2017 Poster Competition updates and other WSC 2017 news.


To participate in the poster session and competition, your abstract was submitted and formally accepted through the World Seafood Congress team. Additionally, to confirm your place as a poster presenter, registration is required. Please register at

Please ensure that you have provided your name, title, and organization as you would like it to appear as poster title and author will be highlighted on the WSC 2017 website,

The posters should be printed out for display in A0 format using your template. Please ensure that the poster is in English.

It is the responsibility of the poster participant to print and display the poster in the Hörpuhorn space in the Harpa Conference Center the night before or morning of September 11th before the conference commences. Set-up and take-down poster times will be confirmed on the website, so please check back on the site for poster instruction updates and WSC 2017 news. Your poster spot will be designated and labelled for you then to display your poster.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Iceland and may the best poster win!

List of presenters and presentations:

Name of PresenterOrganizationTitle of Presentation
Justine Delettre (France)Mr.Goodfish; Nausicaá, Centre National de la Mer, Boulogne sur MerMr.Goodfish, a Sustainable Seafood Consumption Programme for Aquaculture
Dr. Andrea Pásara Polack (Lima, Peru)Pro DelphinusboVEDA, a mobile app helping Peru’s seafood consumers stay informed and choose wisely
Dr. Andrea Pásara Polack (Lima, Peru)Pro DelphinusIncreasing sustainability using traceability technologies
Ruben Aldaco (Spain)Universidad de CantabriaSustainability assessment of European anchovey in Cantabria using life cycle assessment (LCA)
Rosa Chapela (Spain)CETMAR, PrimefishThe PrimeFish project, developing an innovative toolbox to strengthen the European seafood
Dileepa De Croos (Sri Lanka)Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Sri LankaCreating value from all biomass: calcium contents of the discarded blue swimming crab shells in norther Sri Lanka.
Sian Egerton (Ireland)Teagasc Food Research Centre, University College CorkValorisation potential of blue whiting protein as a food ingredient
Anisio Fernandes Oliveira Évora (Cape Verde)National Institute for Fisheries Development Cape VerdeBioeconomic analysis of the fisheries in cape verde study case: industrial pelagics fisheries
Huynh Nguyen Duy Bao (Vietnam)Nha Trang UniversityExtending shelf-life of round scad stored on ice by the extracts of shallot and garlic bulbs
Esther N. Fondo (Kenya)Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa, KenyaThe potential effects of banning discards on ecosystem dynamics
Esther N. Fondo (Kenya) Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa, KenyaThe consequences of overfishing predators from different trophic levels
Ghorban Zaregashti (Iran)Inland Waters Aquaculture Research Center Khanipour, IranCompare the quality Fish paste production of Kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris) and Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
Hayford Agbekpornu (Ghana)Freshwater Fisheries Research Centre, Wuxi Fisheries College, Nanjing Agricultural University, ChinaRole of women in seafood industry in Ghana, the challenges and way forward
Joseph K Nyaundi (Kenya)Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research InstituteConcentrations and human health risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides residues in water and fish in Nyanza Gulf, Lake Victoria (East Africa)
K H M Lalith Amaralal (Sri Lanka)National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA)Daily routine activities of fishers’ wives and its implication on fisheries industry in Sri Lanka
Margaret Masette (Uganda)National Agricultural Research Laboratories By-catch variations in Mukene (Rastrineobola argentea) fishery in Ugandan portion of Lake Victoria: Case of management flaws or climatic variability?
Murad Mufty (Bangladesh)Department of Fisheries of BangladeshFish Marketing System in Southern Bangladesh: Recommendations for Efficient Marketing
Samuel E. Tinyiro (Uganda)Food Biosciences and Agribusiness Research Programme, National Agricultural Research Laboratories, UgandaEffect of packaging methods on the storage stability of dried capelin in temperature and humidity conditions of Uganda
Xinshan Liu (China)Dalian Ocean UniversityReview of Chinese Laws on Seafood Safety
Francis Murray (U.K.)University of Sterling, Institute of AquacultureOysters, mangroves & Ebola! Problem-framing in a data-deficient development context in Sierra Leone; ´Sherbro Oyster Project´
Guro Møen Tveit (Norway)SINTEFThe quality of gillnetted cod – the effects of hauling procedure and net material.
Hanna Harryson (Sweden)Chalmers University of TechnologyIsolation of proteins from Swedish red, green and brown seaweed
Maria Hayes (Ireland)Teagasc Food Research CentreGlycine betaine and DMSP seaweed-ingredients and applications as feed and food
Dr. Clare Winkel (Australia)Integrity ComplianceChain, Food Fraud, Practical methods to assess your raw material
Nguyen Van Minh (Vietnam)Nha Trang UniversityChanges in quality of fresh Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets during storage as influenced by temperature and packaging method
MAI Thi Tuyet Nga (Vietnam)Nha Trang UniversityApplication of temperature history to estimate and/or monitor the quality and shelf life of fresh Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) fillets during cold chain logistics
Luis Taboada Antelo (Spain)Marine Research Institute IIM-CSICSearching for innovative technologies for efficient fisheries
Maria Manuel Gil (Portugal)Instituto Politécnico de LeiriaSeaweeds: a key ingredient for salt replacement in processed foods – the case of vegetables soup.
Maria Manuel Gil (Portugal)Instituto Politécnico de LeiriaSeaweed and tuna skin gelatin-based sustainable coatings for raw tuna preservation.
Susana Mendes (Portugal)Instituto Politécnico de LeiriaSea bread: Functional bread enriched with bivalves flour
Susanne Lindegarth (Sweden)Centre for Sea and Society, University of GothenburgTestsite AKVAMARIN – Centre for innovation in aquaculture and marine biomass use in west Sweden
Rosa Jonsdottir (Iceland)MatisPreliminary results from PROMAC – Energy efficient Processing of
Guðmundur Oli Hreggviðsson (Iceland)MatisMarine beta-oligosaccharides for functional food applications
Dario Ingi Di Rienzo (Italy/Iceland)University of IcelandThe Potential of Geothermal Energy Use in Food and Agriculture
Ingrid Undeland (Sweden)Chalmers University of TechnologyOxidation of different marine oils during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion
Ingrid Undeland (Sweden)Chalmers University of TechnologyDevelopment of protein ingredients from Swedish fish filleting rest raw materials