Speaker Guidelines

To participate as a speaker your abstract was submitted and formally accepted through the World Seafood Congress team. Additionally, to confirm your place as a speaker, registration is required. Please ensure that you are registered or visit:  https://www.wsc2017.com/registration.

Please ensure that you have provided your name, title, organization, and brief biography as you would like it to appear on the WSC 2017 website, www.wsc2017.com.

A speaker is not expected to introduce him or herself. The chairperson will briefly announce the speakers at the beginning of each presentation.

In each session, there will be an organizer (“helper”) to assist speakers. Should you have questions or require technical help in properly delivering your presentation, please speak with the session organizers.

Duration of Presentation

Speakers are kindly requested to stay within the timeframe allotted. Please see program at www.wsc2017.com for updates and confirmed order of presentations closer to the date of the conference. Speakers should have been contacted regarding presentation timing. If you have not been contacted, you will be in the coming weeks. Questions will follow after presentations and are not preferred during presentations.

Cards will be used to help speakers monitor timing.

  • Time keepers will signal the speaker with a yellow card (labeled 3 minutes) when there are three minutes left of allotted presentation time.
  • Time keepers will signal a red card when the time has run out.
  • The chairperson will then welcome questions if there is adequate time.
  • Speakers have been urged to reserve time for one or two short questions at the end of the lecture.
  • Presentations will be cut short if necessary to maintain schedule.

Presentation format and slide requirements

The presentation should be in PowerPoint (2013 or 2015) and in wide screen (16X9) format (see instructions below). Please ensure that the presentation is in English and that font is large enough for audience viewing.

Final presentations should be received no later than September 4th, 2017. This will enable for proper arrangement and organization for all sessions and will enable time for us to contact speakers if there is an issue with proper display or format of presentation.

The presentation should be sent to: present_wsc@matis.is.

Round Table Discussions

A designated chairperson will moderate the discussion. Please follow the chairperson’s direction and instruction.

Please note that all presentations at the World Seafood Congress will be available online, in a pdf format and locked for editing.