Iceland Responsible Fisheries

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme is a voluntary marketing tool serving the Icelandic fishing industry and the value chain in whole. The project was launched in 2008 and it includes promotion of origin and certification of Icelandic fisheries. The IRF Foundation (IRFF) owns the programme and takes care of the operation and certification, but Promote Iceland does the marketing. We promote quality and freshness of seafood products, sustainably sourced from the clean Icelandic waters.

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo of origin indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches in Icelandic waters and responsible fisheries management. The logo provides opportunities for stakeholders in the value chain of Icelandic seafood to highlight Icelandic origin. Icelandic fishing vessel owners, processing plants as well as other stakeholders in the value chain of Icelandic seafood products can apply for a permit to use the logo, and benefit from using the IRF marketing material.

Iceland Responsible Fisheries Certification provides professional and credible third party certification. It is a straight forward, robust, practical, and cost-effective approach allowing Icelandic fisheries to be verified as responsibly managed. The IRFM certification programme complies with strict international requirements, and is fully obtained through independent third party. It verifies well managed Icelandic fisheries to the highest level of assurance. The IRFM Certification Programme is recognised by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI).

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