Axel Helgason

Chairman of NASBO

Axel Helgason is a coastal fisherman, boatbuilder and the Chairman of NASBO.


Seafood Sustainability & Food Security, Mon 13:20

Development towards future supply of sustainable seafood


Environmental-, social- and economic sustainability from catch to consumer is what all suppliers of seafood should be striving for. The Icelandic coastal fleet meets all of these criteria. The fish stocks are in a healthy condition, the fleet uses static fishing gear that causes minimum impact on the seafloor and by-catches are almost non-existent. The fleet has one of the lowest catch vs. fuel ratio known in demersal fisheries, is extremely important for regional development and basically the only sector in the Icelandic fishery that provides opportunity for new entry. Last, but not least, the catches of the coastal fleet are landed on the day of capture and fetches therefore higher prices than other demersal catches; and the products produced from these catches are primarily soured by the most demanding and highest paying markets in the world. The aim of the presentation will be to demonstrate why Icelandic coastal catches are among the most sustainable seafood available.