John Ryder


John currently heads up the Products, Markets and Trade Branch of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department in the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. For the majority of his career, John has worked in post-harvest fisheries in national and international organisations in various parts of the world and has spent most of the last 25 years in international development, working for DFID, the FAO and as a consultant. Aside from his current management responsibilities, he tries to keep his hand in food safety, export compliance and market access and trade issues.


Building capacities in fishing communities, Mon 10:40


Safe Seafood Supply: Present & future, Tue 15:30

Critical and emerging issues in food safety for the fisheries and aquaculture sector


Foresight can be defined as “…the systematic examination of potential hazards, opportunities and likely future developments which are at the margins of current thinking and planning.” Why is foresight important?

The impacts of emerging issues, which frequently arise from human/animal/plant/environment interface, can be devastating for agri-food systems in developing and developed countries. Moving from ‘reaction and response’ to ‘prediction and prevention’, requires holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches to collecting and analyzing intelligence for early identification of emerging issues. Such intelligence is essential to inform broad food chain decisions and pressing discussions on such issues as AMR and on strategies for adapting to climate change within specific sub-sectors.