Amir Reza Shaviklo


Assistant professor and head of department of animal processing products at the Animal Science Research Institute of Iran, which is affiliated with the Agricultural Ministry. Main research fields are development and commercialisation of value added animal products and upgrading technologies and commercialization of traditional foods.


Total Utilization of Seafood Resources, Tue 15:20

Myctophid as Human Food


The myctophid / lanternfish is a small mesopelagic fish belonging to the family Myctophidae. It is distributed worldwide, but there are only few countries which have commercial fisheries targeting myctophid. The Oman Sea (Daryā-ye Mokrān), located between Iran and Oman, is relatively rich in fish resources, with considerable quantities of mesopelagic fish. There are massive, untouched resources of the lanternfish species in the Oman Sea according to the FAO estimates. The reserves are estimated to be 1-4 million tons in the Iranian waters. Myctophids have a brownish gray flesh, and typically have a maximum size of 4-5 cm, with individuals in this size range weighing 2-5 g. They are a good source of proteins, lipids and minerals. Commercial fishing of myctophids is exclusively for fish meal production in an onshore fish processing company in the Qeshm Island located in the Persian Gulf, Iran. Myctophids are economically important to world fisheries due to providing raw materials to the fish meal industry and for human consumption by proper processing. Globally, several attempts have been made to utilize myctophids for human food. Some successful product development projects were carried out in Iran and accordingly this work demonstrates the processing and properties of the  myctophid food products. The study was based on the new food product development, the evaluation of the microbial and physicochemical quality and product acceptance. This study revealed the feasibility to develop value-added food products from lanternfishes. Developing such products can improve the economic situation in the myctophids fishing industry.