Clara Ulrich

DTU Aqua

Clara Ulrich : Professor in Fisheries Management, DTU Aqua (DK). International Coordinator of the EU H2020 DiscardLess project (2015-2019). Clara Ulrich has been working on  fisheries management issues in more than 15 years, with more than 40 peer-reviewed publications  in the field of mixed fisheries, management strategies evaluation, fleet dynamics and stock assessment. She is a scientific advisor for fisheries, both at national and international level. She is the chair of the EU Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF), and has also chaired a number of working groups in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), mainly the ICES WG for the assessment of demersal stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak (WGNSSK).  She is also heavily involved in science-industry partnerships aiming at discards reduction.


Minimising discard for improved food security, Tue 13:20

Two years in the landing obligation in Europe: Where do we stand, what have we learnt?


The landing obligation in Europe has been in place since January 1st 2015. In parallel, the wide-ranging EU research project H2020 DiscardLess has been conducting analyses on several aspects of the discard issue, from ecosystem modelling to social and economic impact assessment, from technical and tactical discard avoidance to innovation needs for bringing everything ashore, from stakeholders’ perceptions to governance changes, from incentives to control.

Our results suggest that while the short-term economic impact on fisheries is real, there are benefits in the medium- and long-term to reduce discards, and the ecosystem effects of this are limited. There are many ways by which discards can be reduced without jeopardising the fisheries’ economic profitability.

On behalf of the project and all its participants, I will present the most up-to-date status of where we stand and what we know and not know on challenges and solutions for reducing discards in European fisheries.