Sigurður Ólason

Marel Fish

Sigurður Ólason has been Managing Director of Marel Fish since 2014 and has extensive, international experience within the seafood industry. After working summers as a deckhand on fishing vessels during his years at college and university, he then worked in product development at Marel where he also gained international experience. Outside Marel, Sigurður’s former positions include Manager of Business Development at Samherji hf, one of Iceland´s leading seafood companies.


SeaFuture-X, Wed 8:30

Seafood processing for the future


Marel provides systems and integrated solutions to process animal proteins, predominantly for the poultry, meat and fish processing industries. Marel operates in 30 countries across all continents, and enjoys close cooperation with both the scientific community and the seafood sector in innovating and improving seafood processing technology.

Although significant investments have been made in fishing and aquaculture in recent decades, an estimated 35% of fish and seafood is still wasted due to inefficiency within the supply chain. This highlights the need to focus on better processing methods that raise the capacity and capability of the seafood sector. Continued population growth is also challenging global food production systems and the seafood sector plays an important role in securing healthy animal proteins.

Marel develops and produces advanced seafood processing systems that improve handling, quality, throughput and productivity. The constantly increasing power of computers, the introduction of robotics and the fast development of data management is transforming the way seafood is processed. The focus is shifting towards the customer, who is demanding a higher level of services and better quality. Marel provides the processing solutions that offer the seafood sector the chance to invest in the future.