Holly T. Kristinsson


Dr. Holly T. Kristinsson has a Ph.D. and BSc. in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Minor in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida. Her research involved developing ways to better utilize by-products from pelagic species, focusing on studying and preventing lipid and protein oxidation during the extraction of protein and lipid fish ingredients. She currently serves as a Consultant of Innovation and Market Analysis and as a Research Scientist at Matís. Holly has been in the food industry 10+ years, working in various areas relating to product development, IP management, quality and technical control, as well as consulting and public relations. She has worked as a director and scientist in innovation, research and development, and quality capacities for functional food companies. Holly is on the 2016-2017 Board of Editors for the Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology (JAFPT) and has contributed to patents. Her professional and personal passions are innovation, moving the food industry forward into future developments, sustainability and food security, and encouraging the connection between consumers and their food.


SeaFuture-X, Wed 8:30

Disrupting food


We have all seen companies like Apple, Amazon, Uber and AirBnB disrupt their industries, but what about seafood? The next wave of disruption will be in the food industry. The disruption is already happening with both tech savvy start-ups and select major companies transforming how we source, process, purchase, prepare and experience food. Its important for the seafood industry to take note of how other food sectors are transforming their industries and not fall behind. Consumers are evolving rapidly and will put greater demand on companies for transparency, sustainability, safety and custom solutions to fit their preferences and needs. This presentation will highlight what technological disruptions are taking place in the food industry and what the seafood industry should consider to stay ahead of the game.