Olavur Gregersen

Syntesa and Ocean Rainforest

Olavur Gregersen (M.Sc. Econ), co-founder and Managing Director. He has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur within business development, project management and socio-economic impact analysis. Furthermore, he was the coordinator of the MacroValue project funded by Nordic Innovation; the NORA project MacroBiotech and a key partner in the European H2020 Bio Based Industry project MacroCascade. These projects all relate to macroalgae – or seaweed – cultivation and processing, marine ecosystem management, renewable energy, and sustainable food and feed production in Scandinavia and within the European Community


Progressing the Blue Bioeconomy in Large Ocean States, Mon 10:40

Seaweed cultivation and Blue Bioeconomy in the Faroe Islands


Seaweed is an underutilized marine biomass with a great potential as a source for food and feed. Seaweed also has the potential to replace many of the fossil based products (including energy). Seaweed utilization has a long history in Europe, but the sourcing of biomass is based on wild harvest. Increased and sustainable utilisation of seaweed must be based on cultivation systems that are scalable and can be deployed in an open ocean environment. A proven off-shore seaweed cultivation system in the Faroe Islands will be presented, highlighting the positive impacts of seaweed cultivation on new products, jobs and its environmental benefits in terms of bioremediation of nutrients and offsetting of carbon emissions. The conclusion is that small island nations have potential for value creation and societal growth in a blue bioeconomic context, if they can utilize their potential as a large ocean state while maintaining environmental balance.