Randall Brummett

World Bank

Randall Brummett is a fish biologist. After obtaining a PhD in fisheries at Auburn University, he spent 30 years in the Near East and Africa building fish farms, teaching aquaculture and fisheries biology, and undertaking a wide range of research and extension projects focusing on aquaculture, fish biodiversity and community based fisheries management systems. He joined the World Bank as a Senior Specialist in 2010 where his job is to develop a portfolio of investments in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries.


Investing in the New Seafood Value Chain, Tue 8:30

Building Blue Seafood Economies in Developing Countries


Private sector engagement is essential to creating a new blue economy into which fisheries dependent communities can transition, taking pressure off over-exploited natural resources and aligning incentives for conservation by giving people a future in careers that rely on sound ecosystem management. The World Bank and partners in the investment community are exploring business strategies, short and medium-term ROI from blue economies and corporate structure for strategic public-private investment. This presentation will focus on development of new ideas for public and private sector partnering in the development of progressively sustainable fishing economies by balancing realistic business opportunities and job creation on one hand, while building resilience through habitat restoration protected areas and sustainable fisheries on the other.