Tómas Eiríksson

Managing director of Codland

Tómas Eiríksson, started working in his family fishing company at the age of 11 (as a summer job).  Tómas has worked in the fishing plants, as a seaman and in all parts of the value chain of the fishing industry.  He has a Global Executive MBA from EADA business school in Barcelona, Spain and HHL business school in Leipzig Germany.  He has been a around 13 years of experience as a CFO, Project finance, Corporate advisory in the banking industry and currently working as the managing director of Codland.


Human Capital & Innovations for the Seafood Industry, Mon 13:20

Use by-products/new markets/by-products for the future?

Codland is a young company founded in collaboration between two big fishing companies and the Ocean Cluster in Iceland.  The aim is to maximize the value form each part of the fish and our believe its our responsibility to make the most out of every kg of the catch.  Codland seeks also collaboration within the Icelandic fishing industry and with research institutions and universities to create innovative solutions.