Universidad del Magdalena

Fishing Engineer. Specialist in Food Science and Technology. Magister in Education. Full time professor at the University of Magdalena since 1979. Member of the Food Research Group of the University of Magdalena. Professor of the area of conservation and quality control of fishery products.


Minimising Discard for Improved Food Security, Tue 13:20

Explore strategies and solutions for the human consumption of the bycatch obtained in shrimp trawling in the Colombian Caribbean area


By the last 25 years the University of Magdalena has worked in the application of foreign techniques for fish processing adapted to our context and with our resources.

As partial results of these efforts products have been obtained for human consumption from species of very low commercial value. Burgers, sausages, nuggets, antipasti and many other products have a technological package that could easily be adapted to be used in the processing of incidental catches obtained from shrimp fishing.

It is essential to be able to solve the problem of the adequate conservation of by-catch at the edge of small vessels used by artisanal fishermen in order to guarantee very good raw materials that can be used for the production of various products intended for human consumption. Given this, we can contribute to the food security of the region and increase the production per unit of effort of this fishery.