Kurtis Hayne


Kurtis is the SeaChoice Market Analyst based out of the David Suzuki Foundation in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kurtis holds a Masters degree in Marine Biology, and has worked for a variety of NGOs focusing on conservation and education. His current role at SeaChoice focuses on helping business create and improve their sustainable seafood policies, commitments, and procurement. SeaChoice primarily partners with Canadian seafood retailers and distributors.


Fraud and Fraud Prevention in the Supply Chain, Tue 13:20

Mobilizing Citizen Scientists to DNA Test Seafood Sold at Canadian Retail Stores


After identifying weak national seafood labelling and traceability regulations in Canada, SeaChoice partnered with the University of Guelph and the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics to arm citizen scientists in every Canadian province and territory with DNA Barcoding technology to test seafood labels against their contents. Over 600 seafood samples were tested, and will be analyzed by SeaChoice against previous research conducted on mislabelling to identify patterns, improvements and areas of concern regarding seafood mislabelling and fraud. The findings are meant to identify gaps in seafood labelling and traceability, and to inform industry and government on how to decrease the risk of seafood fraud and mislabelling from occurring within the supply chain.