Matti Isohätälä

Hätälä Oy

Matti Isohätälä has 20 year experience of fish processing and marketing and during 2001-2004 completed ichtyonom fish engineer studies in Finland. Matti has worked and studied with different fish processing technologies abroad in Turkey, Sweden and Norway. Experience from production machinery and working with quality certificates such as BRC, ASC, MSC. Team member in Hätälä ltd. product development group in the value-added fish products. Matti is vice president at Hätälä Oy. Ltd Finland.


Human Capital and Innovations for the Seafood Industry, Mon 13:20

Superchilling. End user perspective


Objective summary from sub-chilled salmon research from end-user processer. Methods and benefits for fresh fish fillets centralized production, marketing and processing.