Ingrid Undeland

Chalmers University of Technology

Prof Ingrid Undeland´s research in Chalmers deals primarily with ways of optimizing the use of aquatic raw materials (fish, shellfish, algae) through development of efficient quality preserving techniques, and through isolation of high value functional and/or bioactive compounds. Within the quality preservation area, a primary focus is lipid oxidation and the role of key anti- and pro-oxidants in marine foods as well as in the human gastrointestinal tract. Within the isolation area, intense research is conducted for example on pH-shift process for functional protein separation from complex raw materials. In the last 5 years, also biomass recovery from seafood process waters has been a strong focus. Prof Undeland is Swedish representative in WEFTA, Nordic Lipidforum and EuCheMS.


Human Capital and Innovations for the Seafood Industry, Mon 13:20

Extracting Novel Values drom Aqueous Seafood Side Steams – NoVAqua


The Nordic project NoVAqua aims at adding value to seafood process waters through multiple applications within e.g. food and feed production. NoVAqua comprises process equipment suppliers, seafood companies, aquafeed producers and two universities (Chalmers and DTU). Among parts carried out so far is a systematic mapping of the composition and volatile compound profile in process waters from shrimp steaming/peeling, herring marinating and mussel boiling. Shrimp process waters have also been investigated for their storage stability. Further, a procedure for recovering a protein-enriched biomass from shrimp and herring process waters to use e.g. in aquafeed formulation has been developed. Both lab scale- and pilot scale trials have here been conducted, and apart from work with biomass separation, significant efforts are put on pre-treatments of the waters and biomass dewatering. In this presentation, a project overview, and some of the key results will be given.