Ignacio Llorente

University of Cantabria

Associate professor in Business Administration at the University of Cantabria. PhD in Economics and Business Administration. Over 10 years of experience in aquaculture economics and management, and market analysis and marketing of seafood products. In recent times focused on the economics of aquaculture production (particularly in the Mediterranean aquaculture), on price integration analysis of aquaculture and fishery products, and on seafood value chain analysis. Collaboration with regional, national and international institutions (FAO, EC, STEFC…) and participating in national and international research projects (H2020, Globefish Research Program). Author of works published in reputed international scientific journals, and scientific books.


Competitiveness & Economic Sustainability: Supply Chain Relations, Tue 13:20

Analysis of price transmission and market power in the European seafood value chain


This work analyses price interactions between the different agents involved in the seafood value chain in the EU, from producers to retailers. The purpose of the analyses is to identify; the level at which a shock in the prices in origin is reflected in the following steps of the supply chain, asymmetries in the transmission of prices, and situations of market power. It also considers the influence of international trade on domestic prices formation for different intra and extra EU trade flows and domestic markets of seafood commodities. The statistical method used is cointegration analysis. The prices at ex-farm, wholesale and retail levels have been collected from official databases and from SUCCESS partner’s contributions. The results suggest different situations of price transmission and potential bargain power.