Dr. Unn Laksá


Unn Laksá has a PhD in Politics and Communication (Media Coverage of Climate Change) and MA in Politics and the Mass Media from the University of Liverpool. As Research Project Manager at Syntesa, she has worked on EU FP7 and H2020 projects as well as other projects within the ‘blue’ bioeconomy. She is work package leader in the EU H2020 project ClimeFish, where she is responsible for risk assessment and socio-economic analysis. She recently co-ordinated the Nordic project ‘Everything ashore’, and is also currently working on the EU FP7 project Mareframe. In 2016, she was also member of the government appointed working group on the upcoming fisheries reform of the Faroe Islands.


Total Utilization of Seafood Resources, Tue 15:20

Everything Ashore: A feasibility Study


There has been growing focus on improving the utilization of the world’s natural resources which are under increasing pressure due to rapid growth in the global population. The fisheries resources in the Nordic countries could be utilized to a higher degree, potentially adding increased value to these societies. It is often argued in public debate that this under-exploitation represents very high values. In some fleets, vessels only bring to shore the most valuable part of the fish, the fillet, often discarding the head, back, offal etc. This leaves a considerable proportion of the biomass unexploited and unavailable for processing on land. This paper examines the feasibility of implementing the ‘everything ashore’ concept through a close interaction with key stakeholders. Applying a value chain approach, the paper presents the economic value of the biomass and the profitability of bringing the entire biomass ashore in three Nordic case studies.