Björgólfur Hávarðarson


Björgólfur Hávardsson MSc, is the Innovation Manager with the Seafood Innovation Cluster, a Norwegian Centre of Expertise member based out of Bergen, Norway.

After three decades of multiple biological roles in the aquaculture industry, Mr. Hávardsson has an extensive knowledge of the biological possibilities and challenges in modern salmon farming. Through working in the industry on such diverse fields as fish counting, biomass estimation, smoltification, fish welfare, feeding systems and -behaviour as well as writing practical books on netfouling in Europe and South America, Hávarðsson is experienced in developing and presenting ideas and practical methods through courses, presentations and articles in several languages.

Mr. Hávardsson holds a Master´s degree in Aquaculture Biology from the University of Bergen (UIB) and a degree from an executive program in Strategy and Branding in the seafood industry from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).


SeaFuture-X: How Disruption is Transforming the Seafood Industry and the Blue Bioeconomy, Wed 8:30

AquaCloud – Big Data in aquaculture


The Aquaculture industry generates huge volumes of data on a daily bases. Hitherto, the business analysis has mostly been on company by company basis. This is changing.

A recent cooperative effort between most of the major industry companies in Norway is looking to change this.

Through the AquaCloud initiative, the companies will share huge datasets across the companies to discover how this generates business value for them and new services based on such new methods. In the ongoing pilot the focus is on how such novel methods can predict the development of sealice in order to design the most efficient management regime. Preliminary results hint at industry wide improvements, not only in new management regimes but also in standardisation in data sampling and sharing. This, and important ways to improve cooperation and futureproofing an industry on the verge of a major digitalisation push and the use of IoT.