Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson

CEO of HB Grandi

Vilhjalmur has been the CEO of HB Grandi since 2012 after 8 years of being responsible for the pelagic sector of HB Grandi. Before joining HB Grandi, Vilhjalmur was the CEO of Tangi, Vopnafjörður based fishery which merged with HB Grandi in 2004. Vilhjalmur started his career in fisheries at age 11 and worked as a seaman from age of 15 alongside his studies and after for the next 18 years. Later Vilhjalmur started working ashore at the Federation of Icelandic fishing vessels owners where he worked for 8 years before joining Tangi. Vilhjalmur has an education from the Commercial College of Iceland, the Navigational School in Reykjavik and Fish Industry Technic from the Technical College Reykjavik.


Investing in the New Seafood Value Chain, Tue 8:30

Technology improvements in fishing and processing