Timothy Hansen

President for the 2015 World Seafood Congress

Mr. Hansen began his career in fisheries technology in 1977 as an observer for the National Marine Fisheries Service aboard a Japanese ship operating in the Bering Sea.   After this assignment he took a position with New England Fish Company in Seattle as a Quality Control Supervisor.  He worked in processing plants in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  In 1979 he took a position with British Columbia Packers headquartered in Vancouver Canada as Quality Manager for Coast Oyster Company in South Bend Washington and Nelbro Packing Company in Naknek, Alaska which were U.S. subsidiaries.  In 1985 he joined Nabisco Brands as the evening Production Manager for a bakers yeast and vinegar operation in Sumner, Washington.  In 1985 Mr. Hansen joined the Seafood Inspection Program of the National Marine Fisheries Service as a Fishery Products Inspector in Los Angeles, California and in 1987 became the Deputy Chief of the Western Region of that program.  In 1992 he was transferred to Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and assumed the position of Director of Field Operations and supervised about 200 field inspectors. In 1996 he changed positions to the Director of Technical Services leading a team of scientists and food technologists.  In 1998 Mr. Hansen joined the Office of Seafood of the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C. as a Consumer Safety Officer.   In 1999 he was promoted to Chief of the Policy Branch and in 2001 became the Director of the Division of Seafood leading a group of policy experts and scientists to formulate proper policy for seafood regulation.  In 2006 Mr. Hansen became the Director of the Seafood Inspection Program of the National Marine Fisheries Service.  This program has 180 employees, a $29 million USD budget and is the U.S. competent authority for export certification for seafood products.  Mr. Hansen retired from the Federal government in December 2014.

Mr. Hansen is honored to be a member of the International Association of Fish Inspectors since its inception in 1999 in Halifax Canada.  He joined the Executive Council in 2005 and served as President for the 2015 World Seafood Congress session in Grimsby, UK.

Mr. Hansen holds a B.A. Degree in Political Science from Washington State University and a B.S. in Fisheries Science from the University of Washington.  He holds several certificates in sanitation, food safety, risk assessment and leadership and management.


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