The Salted Cod Volcano – The First 3D Food Printed Icelandic Salted Cod


Traditional seafood dishes are being reinvented in the Rannís Technical Development Fund Project – Future Fish led by Matís. Using the first 3D food printer for the kitchen, Foodini by Natural Machines, the first 3D food printed formulations using Icelandic cod surimi, salted cod, and cod protein isolate were created last week at Natural Machines headquarters, Barcelona, Spain. The Salted Cod Volcano is one of the novel, reinvented food forms that was created using the raw fish materials from Iceland. This project will set a precedence as it will be focusing on work with Icelandic seafood raw materials and utilize the first Foodini in Iceland and in Scandinavia. You can learn more about real food being 3D printed in the kitchen of the future at the World Seafood Congress 2017 in Iceland where Lynette Kuscma, co-founder and CMO at Natural Machines will talk about 3D Food Printing and Opportunities for Seafood.


The Icelandic Salted Cod Volcano is one of the first innovative 3D printed seafood creations for the Rannís Technical Development Fund Project Future Fish (Fiskur framtíðarinnar) let by Dr. Holly T. Petty at Matís. The innovative food formulations are being printed by the 3D food printer, Foodini. The printer made by Natural Machines is the first in Iceland.

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