Yvonne Feucht

Thuenen-Institute of Market Analysis

Yvonne Feucht holds a Master’s degree in resource management from the University of Goettingen and is a research fellow at the Thuenen-Institute of Market Analysis in Brunswick since 2012. In her research she focuses on consumers’ and society’s perception of sustainable food, fish and seafood. In addition, she explores the information provision to consumers’ and society with respect to sustainable food, fish and seafood. Digitalized information is of particular interest to her in this regard. Currently, she contributes to the research conducted in the Horizon 2020 project SUCCESS.


Social and market trends, Tue 10:40

Beyond labelling – the role of digitalization in consumer communication


The internet as a nearly omnipresent and interactive information source is of increasing importance for the communication with consumers. This digitalization offers the seafood sector the opportunity to meet consumers’ information needs in a more tailored manner and can increase trust as well as interest in seafood products. The present contribution analyses how consumers use the internet for information retrieval about seafood and highlights linkages between product indications at the point of sale, such as  labels, and online information offers (e.g., use of mobile apps). Actual trends in communication means and demand for information content are discussed. One important recommendation is that – while on package information should be short and simple – producers should not hesitate to display detailed and reliable information about their products online. In particular, consumers with higher knowledge about seafood – the so called connoisseurs- are interested in in depth information. Also story telling is important for sustaining trust.