Ulf Gøran Erikson


PhD. Ulf Gøran Erikson is a senior scientist working at the Department of Process Technology at SINTEF Ocean in Trondheim, Norway. His speciality is stress, welfare and quality of fish. He has over 50 publications.


Emerging technologies, Tue 10:40

On board live storage of trawl-caught Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) as a concept for minimizing discoloration and residual blood in fillets


Delayed catch handling on board trawlers can result in discoloration of Atlantic cod fillets. The concept of introducing live-storage tanks on board to prevent poor bleed-out was studied. The condition of the fish was determined (blood chemistry and muscle biochemistry) after the trawl gear was hauled on deck. Fillet color and presence of discolorations were assessed on board and after frozen storage. The fish were considerably stressed by capture. When cod were bled immediately after capture, or after live storage for 3 and 6 h, good fillet quality was achieved without serious discolorations. The color characteristics of commercially processed fish were at least as good as that of live stored fish. Unbled fish, stored in air for 5 h, clearly resulted in fillets with inferior color characteristics. The color characteristics of fillets evaluated on board and after frozen storage were basically similar.