Tom Ståle Nordtvedt


MSc.Tom Ståle Nordtvedt works as a senior researcher at Department of Process Technology at SINTEF Ocean. His work focuses on refrigeration, aquaculture and food processing technology. He is the project leader of the QualiFish project “Market adapted production concepts for fresh and frozen/thawed cod” which is financed by the Norwegian Research Council (2014-2017). His expertise is cold chain management, refrigeration technology and post-harvest handling. He has over 62 publications.


Development towards future supply of sustainable seafood, Mon 15:20

QualiFish – Market adapted production concepts for fresh and frozen/thawed cod

Due to low profitability, the whitefish industry has had a strong political focus in Norway the past few years. The purpose of the QualiFish projects is to meet the challenges of volume fluctuations and product quality through development of market adapted production concepts and novel technology. The goal is to develop necessary knowledge and technology to increase sustainability and profitability of cod production, enabling actors to meet market demands for safe products with high quality at sufficient volumes all year round. QualiFish is focusing on different segments of the value chain and integration of several disciplines such as food quality and safety, product differentiation technology, production logistics, as well as market and economic aspects into one balanced entity. The project works with providing solutions for gentle and automatic catch handling, novel thawing concepts, raw material differentiation, and efficient production logistics, ensuring high quality, safe food and market driven whitefish production.