Sigríður Þormóðsdóttir

Innovasjon Norge

Sigridur Thormodsdottir, BSc Biology, University of Iceland 1991. MBA, Norwegian Business School 2001. Head of Biobased Industries, Innovation Norway with focus on the Bioeconomy as an area of opportunities for established biobased industries and for developing new. Leading the Sustainability program in Innovation Norway; implementation of sustainability and UNs sustainability goals in Innovation Norway’s strategy, funding and activities. Prior Innovation Norway, Senior Innovation Advisor in Nordic Innovation. Nordic Innovation is a Nordic institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation belonging to Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen. Ms. Thormodsdottir has been participation in several national, Nordic and international panels, projects and processes concerning innovation, sustainability and green growth.


Importance of regional cooperation, Tue 10:40

From strategies to products


The Nordic Marine Innovation program was launched in 2011 to support development of marine technology solutions, build competence and attract young talents. Development of multi-national programs requires good anchoring in national polices and industry needs. The program has resulted in products and  networks that will continue after the program period. The program is an excellent case how Nordic cooperation and strategies can enhance cooperation and create value in the region.