Rodrigo Carvalho


Rodrigo Carvalho was born in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil. He has a degree of Fisheries Engineering (1996) from the Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE), a Master degree in Aquaculture (1998) from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) and a Sc. Degree in Oceanography from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), in Brazil. He worked as a Consultant in fish and shrimp farming and processing (Fishtec 1998 to 2000 and MCR 2002 to 2005), manager of the Valença da Bahia Maricultura Processing Plant (2000 to 2002) and Technical and Commercial Assessor of the Brazilian Shrimp Farmers Association (2005 to 2007). Since 2009 he’s been a permanent Professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). His research interests are related to aquaculture nutrition and fish technology and he coordinates two laboratories in these areas.


Role of women and social impact of seafood, Mon 15:20

Market driven value addition to the flying fish captured in Caicra do Norte in he Northeast of Brazil


Caiçara do Norte is a coastal municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the westernmost part of Brazil (5 ° 8’6 “S, 35 ° 59’6” W). Flying fish is an underexploited resource and its low value incentives the fishermen to collect the roe whose increasing exports reached 506 t in 2015. The Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE) and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte state (UFRN) created the flying project that took place on three fronts: study of the habits and preferences of the population of the state of Rio Grande do Norte in relation to seafood, the development of value-added products with flying fish and a technical and economical feasibility study for the implantation of a fish processing unit with emphasis on flying fish in Caiçara do Norte. This presentation emphasizes the results of the first two fronts.