Ray Hilborn

University of Washington

Ray Hilborn is a Professor in the School of  Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington specializing in natural resource management and conservation. He  teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in food sustainability, conservation and quantitative population dynamics.  He authored several books including “Overfishing: what everyone needs to know” (with Ulrike Hilborn) in 2012,  “Quantitative fisheries stock assessment” with Carl Walters in 1992, and “The Ecological Detective: confronting models with data” with Marc Mangel, in 1997 and has published over 300 peer reviewed articles.  He has served on the Editorial Boards of numerous journals including  7 years on the Board of Reviewing Editors of Science Magazine.    He has received the Volvo Environmental Prize, the American Fisheries Societies Award of Excellence, The Ecological Society of America’s Sustainability Science Award,  and the International Fisheries Science Prize.    He is a Fellow of the American Fisheries Society, the Washington State Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of Canada and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Monday Opening Session – Building a strong blue forum, Mon 8:30

Sustaining food from the sea: a progress report


This talk will discuss the trends in fish stocks around the world and where rebuilding and sustainable harvest is happening and where it is not.  I will explore the relationship between fisheries management and fisheries outcomes.  I will briefly discuss results of recent work on the impact of bottom trawling on marine ecosystems, the need for marine protected areas to protect ocean biodiversity and the relative environmental impact of capture fisheries relative to alternative sources of animal protein and nutrients.