Polly Legendre

Polished Brands

Polly Legendre is a founding principal of Polished Brands, a strategy and branding firm that specializes in business and export market strategy, PR, social media, events, and photography for artisan and premium food, beverage and lifestyle companies and organizations.

Polished has worked on behalf of premium food producers, regional trade commissions, and food and beverage media projects, leveraging their extensive knowledge — and broad range of contacts — across the food scene. Polished has particular specialties in seafood and in helping companies located outside the U.S. enter the market or expand their business in North America.

As the first American to graduate from the Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Française, she spent close to a decade cooking in some of the most famous restaurants in Paris, thereby securing her spot in the inner sanctum of the culinary world. Now, back in her native California, Polly continues to work developing marketing strategies that help bring recognition and value to seafood businesses.  Most recently Polly has organized and presented the latest 2017 Seafood Expo Keynote along with a panel of influential chefs, a global webinar addressing what it will take to sell seafood to the next generation and at the 2016 Boston show, Polly presented #Millenials: what it will take to sell seafood to generations Y & Z.

Polly currently serves as a board member of Aquaculture without Frontiers as well as the My Yute foundation based in Oakland.


Social and market trends, Tue 10:40

Selling the Future- What will it take for seafood to set the trends and not chase them?


For seafood to be the protein that feeds the world in the future, we can’t afford its marketing and product innovation to be stuck in the past.

Young consumers are curious, globally aware, digitally connected, and are accustomed to accessing the information they want, when they want it. In their food choices, they follow trends and crave fresh experiences. Younger consumers want to cook and eat food that reflects their sense of self and their values.

The session will explore:

  • Learning from the successes of other food and beverage categories to see where the market is moving.
  • Identifying sub-categories desperate for innovation, from kids’ meals to smoked and cured “charcuterie.”
  • Leveraging the power of chefs and media tastemakers to build trends.
  • Meaningfully engaging with consumers online.
  • Focusing on food! Science and measurements are important, but at the end of the day we sell dinner, not data.