Philip James


Philip James is a senior research scientist at Nofima in Tromsø, Norway. He has over 20 years of experience working with developing new aquaculture species in both New Zealand and Norway. He currently leads the Nofima sea urchin research efforts as well as coordinating the EU Northern and Periphery program titled URCHIN.


Opportunities in aquaculture, Mon 15:20

Sea Urchin roe- enhancement in Norway and Europe- A new aquaculture industry


Over the past two decades there has been much research and development of sea urchin aquaculture. Nofima are currently involved in two projects which are developing both the fishery and the potential for roe enhancement of urchins in Norway, Europe and worldwide.

The first involves roe enhancement of wild urchins utilizing feed and holding systems developed in Norway. Nofima is working alongside the business development company ‘Urchinomics’ to realise this project and the Nofima sea urchin feed is now being manufactured in Japan. The potential to license the feed and develop business models for roe enhancement in Canada, Australasia, North and South America and Europe is now beng investigated.

Secondly, in Europe Nofima are leading a Northern Periphery and Arctic Program aiming to develop both the sea urchin fishery and roe enhancement in the northern European countries of Norway, Greenland, Ireland and Iceland.

This talk presents the results from these two projects and looks at the potential in Europe for sea urchin roe enhancement to become a realistic aquaculture industry.