Olivier Hottlet


Studied Business Administration (major: International Trade) at the St Ignace University in Antwerp. In 1982 joined family seafood import business founded in 1970 by father Pierre Hottlet : HFF nv (in Belgium – near Antwerp port) – since 1991 joint owner and managing director of HFF nv together with brother Benoît Hottlet. HFF nv is buying frozen seafood (large proportion of it tropical shrimps) mainly from Asia and distributing in the whole EU, mainly to wholesalers selling to restaurants and other mass caterers (yearly turnover around 50 mln EUR). Presently very involved in the associative world related to the business:  President of Belgafood (Belgian Food Importers’ Association), Board Member of : IAFI (International Association of Seafood Professionals), SIPA (Seafood Importers’ and Processors’ Alliance) and FRUCOM (European Food Importers” Association).


Fraud and fraud prevention in the supply chain, Tue 13:20

Over glazing and underweight: two level of fraud on weights that go totally unsanctioned on the EU market


New EU labelling laws require glazed seafood to mention net weight only (without glaze) – in the wholesale trade (to restaurants and other mass caterers) many operators still indicate gross weight as well, misleading the end user and letting him believe that he buys more weight and in a bigger size as what he really is getting. But many go one step further and instruct suppliers to pack less net weight (without glaze) as indicated on the label to sell the product cheaper, thereby outright cheating the end user and stealing away market share from bona fide operators who do supply correct net weight products. This goes unsanctioned because competent authorities are not interested, among other because EU has failed to integrate in its legislation a standardized method to determine the net weight of glazed product (notwithstanding previous EU legislation had foreseen that this SHOULD be done).