Ögmundur Knútsson

University of Akureyri

Dr. Ögmundur Knútsson is a Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh and is the Associated professor at School of Business and Science at the University of Akureyri.  His main research emphasis is on fish industry – its value chain, structure and collaboration in the industry. His research has for example focused on the marketing aspect of fisheries management systems and comparison between different fisheries management systems in the world.  He has extensive practical experience within the fisheries industry both inside companies as managers and as a consultant.


Building capacities in fishing communities, Mon 10:40

The role of fish-markets in the Icelandic value chain of cod


The fish auction markets have proven important in the development of the Icelandic fish industry from the time of their establishment in Iceland in 1987, evening out short run catch variations, allowing for specialization and contributing to increased value creation in the value chain for fish and fish products.  This research focus on the role of the auction markets in the Icelandic fish value chain.  Three distinctive effects of fish markets were identified: firstly, specialisation, where large and small fisheries companies use the fish markets to swap or sell  all other species than needed in their specialised production (usually to SMEs producers specializing in those species); secondly, to gain stability in sourcing, where companies source raw material from the fish markets  and top-up when there is lack of certain species (or sizes) from the companies’ own boats and; thirdly, the  market driven function or effect (market orientated value creation). The study focuses the importance of fish auctions facilitating and supporting role and their effect on the development of the Icelandic fisheries sector. Further, the effects of the fish auctions on value creation in traditional by-catch species is explored by comparison of the price  for these species in Iceland and Norway.