Michaela Aschan

UiT the Arctic University

Michaela Aschan is Professor in Fisheries Biology and Management at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT the Arctic University of Norway. She has a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research covers e.g.; stock assessment and population biology; fish and benthic communities; sampling design; fisheries regulation and management. She has been involved in several EU projects and coordinates the H2020 project ClimeFish.


Seafood Sustainability & Food Security, Mon 13:20

Sustainability of fish stocks and farming under climate change


The seafood industries will face new challenges under climate change. FAO and EU encourages counties to develop national adaptation or action plans to prepare also the seafood industry for climate change. The overall goal of ClimeFish, an EU Horizon 2020 project, is to help ensure that the increase in seafood production comes in areas and for species where there is a potential for sustainable growth, given the expected developments in climate. Strategies to mitigate risk and utilize opportunities are identified in co-creation with stakeholders, and will serve to strengthen the scientific advice, to improve long term production planning and the policy making process. Climate adaption plans coherent with the ecosystem approach and based on a results-based scheme will allow regulators, fishers and aquaculture operators to anticipate, prepare and adapt to climate change while minimizing economic losses and social consequences. The ClimeFish concept, approach and preliminary results on will be presented.