Maitri Thakur


Dr. Maitri Thakur is a Research Scientist in the Department of Process Technology at SINTEF Ocean. She holds a PhD with dual-majors in Agricultural Engineering and Industrial Engineering with a focus on food traceability from Iowa State University (2010). Her expertise is in food supply chain management, systems analysis and information management. She is currently a Work Package leader on Information Management in iProcess project (funded by Research Council of Norway) focusing on developing novel concepts for flexible and sustainable food processing in Norway. Recent projects focus on development of information management strategies in combination with cold chain management to improve the resource efficiency in food value chains. The activities are performed in close collaboration with relevant actors in the Norwegian food processing sector.


Seafood Sustainability & Food Security, Mon 13:20

Information Sharing Strategies in whitefish supply chains in Norway vs. Iceland


Information sharing is one of the main supply chain strategies for reducing uncertainty and is vital for supply chain efficiency. The motivation factors for supply chain information sharing include legislative requirements, efficient product recalls, optimization of business processes and product differentiation. Whitefish value chains are complex in nature due to high supply uncertainty and rapid quality deterioration due to handling and temperature variations. For decades, whitefish industries in Iceland and Norway have produced similar products and have exported to the same global markets. Nevertheless, there are indications that the Icelandic industry has had more market success than the Norwegian industry. The lack of vertical integration in the Norwegian whitefish industry limits the information sharing between the fishing vessels and the processors and this in turn limits the decision support for meeting the market needs. We compare the information sharing practices in the whitefish supply chains in Norway and Iceland and how this influences the supply chain decision making.