Dr. Miguel Angel Pardo

AZTI-Tecnalia, Food Research Unit

Principal Researcher in charge of the Molecular Biology laboratory in AZTI-Tecnalia has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has participated in a number of national and international research projects involved in molecular identification of ingredients and detection of pathogens and parasites in food products during the last years. During his scientific career he has published 26 peer-reviewed scientific publications and more than 80 communications to congress and workshops.


Fraud and fraud prevention in the supply chain, Tue 13:20

From Sea to Plate fish mislabing in European Restaurants

The identification of fish is mandatory in the European Union with a number of regulations stating that fish labels must indicate the complete scientific and commercial name of the species without inducing errors. Recent studies have stated that the average percentage of reported misdescription is 20-30%, but the vast majority of studies have focused at retail level and studies focused on restaurants are poorly represented. We analyzed 300 samples collected in 179 restaurants in 23 European countries with the largest dataset assembled to date in Europe. The survey was oriented to obtain a representative sample size from different regions to obtain a statistically significant study with the less margin of error. We found a total of 34% [26.5-41.5] cases of mislabeling in restaurants with a confidence level of 95%. This work shows that fish mislabeling can vary greatly within a country and species.