Leonie Noble

Women´s Industry Network Seafood Community

Leonie has been a participant in the fishing industry for the past 32 years, and a partner in a Rock Lobster MFL for 28 years. Over that time she has come to be recognised as one of the most respected industry leaders at a local, regional and national level.


Role of women and social impact of seafood, Mon 15:20

Increasing the visibility of Seafood Women


In Australia, the seafood industries contribute approximately $2.2 billion dollars each year to the economy. Women comprise roughly half (55%) of the seafood community across all sectors of industry: both wild-catch and aquaculture. Despite this, less than 5% of women are in decision making and change positions in the boardroom or senior management of the seafood sector. Seafood Women are involved in all areas of the industry from working on boats, wholesaling, processing, business management, advocacy, research, transport, compliance and marketing, however in the Australian peak industry bodies only 7.5% of women are represented on their Boards of Management. The Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community was formed to address this imbalance and increase the recognition of the contribution women make to this sector. Almost 20 years on, this paper unpacks the successes and failures of the organisation and reasons for it to continue, or not.