Kristina Bergman


Kristina Bergman has a BSc in biology and works at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden within the seafood sustainability research group focused on environmental optimization of seafood production and consumption. Her work is mainly focused on using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify and compare environmental effects from different seafood products, production methods and on seafood by-product utilization.


Total Utilization of Seafood Resources, Tue 15:20

From nose to tail fin- smarter use of seafood by-products generated in Sweden


Although by-product generation in Swedish seafood production does not represent major volumes or values internationally, their fate has a significant influence both on the environmental and economic sustainability of the production. In some cases, the economic margin of by-products used for feed is higher than of seafood products, in which case it may even be hard to tell what is the main and by-product, respectively. We quantified biomass flows arising in Swedish fisheries and seafood processing and their current use and value. Interviews demonstrated a number of hurdles to more high-value use of by-products. We then hypothesize a number of future scenarios that maximize food use, value generation and one that is more realistic in between and quantify products, values and environmental impacts generated in each scenario as a basis for a discussion of needed measures to improve the resource utilization and profitability of the Swedish seafood sector.