Kazufumi Osako

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Kazufumi Osako is the professor of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. His special field is seafood processing.


New Valuable ingredients / Products from the ocean, Mon 13:20

Squid and color properties with storage


Dried squid product is a kind of popular seafood all over the world. The product is colored yellowish brown due to Maillard-reaction developed during production process as well as during storage period. In the present study, the browning property for three species of squid fillets; Japanese common squid (Todarodes pacificus), long-finned squid (Photololigo edulis) and bigfin reef squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana), were studied comparatively during air-drying, based on K values, free amino acid composition, surface color and SDS-PAGE. Ground meat was dried on rimmed silicon plate at 40  2 °C for 8 h. After air drying, the significant increasing of yellowness (b* value) in three kinds of squid meats were observed, while Japanese common squid meat gave the highest value. Glutamic acid (Glu), alanine (Ala), methionine (Met), and leucine (Leu) increased in three kinds of squid, however, glutamine (Gln) was found to decrease in all of the squids. The result of SDS-PAGE showed myosin had degraded completely in Japanese common squid after air-dying, whereas the slight degradation was observed in bigfin reef squid. (173 words)