Jenny Shaw

Women´s Industry Network Seafood Community

Jenny has worked in fisheries and marine related areas all her life, in Government and industry in both Australia and overseas. She continues to be an active member of the Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community and involved in projects with the seafood industry


Role of women and social impact of seafood, Mon 15:20

The Invisibility of Women in the Seafood Community: what are the impacts?


The fishing industry is made up of men and women; however women’s contribution to the sector is often underestimated, unrecognised or confined to traditional domains such as community well-being, health and education. This paper takes a snapshot of the contribution women make to the seafood community.  It looks at their values and the sectors they participate in. Importantly it links fishing women from around the world and shares in their contribution to each of their fisheries. Reflecting on a case study from Western Australia, the authors unpack some of the impacts created by seafood women being invisible and the unintended fisheries management consequences.