Jen Cole


Jen researches and develops initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights within the seafood industry. Her work integrates social responsibility into seafood sourcing recommendations and traceability improvements, providing awareness and guidance to FishWise partners. Through industry collaboration and the promotion of best practices, this work charts a new course for a truly responsible seafood industry.


Building capacities in fishing communities, Mon 10:40

Considerations for Companies: Steps for Improvement and Seafood Successes


Given the global scale and complexity of seafood supply chains, human and labor rights abuses can be challenging to prevent. However, seafood business efforts to prevent abuses in their supply chains are increasing along with government legislation aimed at improving human and labor rights across the globe. Companies can address social responsibility challenges by taking steps like mapping and analyzing supply chains, communicating and tracking goals with suppliers, and engaging various stakeholders. Many resources exist for businesses starting to work on social responsibility, including international standards and guidelines as well as a variety of NGOs, certifications, and consultants which can assist in improving supply chain practices. Encouragingly, we are now seeing social responsibility leaders emerge within the seafood sector. By advancing social responsibility efforts, companies are better able to address specific business needs and meet corporate social responsibility goals.