Jayne Gallagher

Honey and Fox Ltd.

Recognised nationally and internationally for her work, Jayne is an international trade and market development professional. She has extensive experience working in food and agribusiness sectors in corporate, small business, government and research. She is currently Managing Director and co-founder of Honey & Fox Pty Ltd which provides international business development and marketing services to food, agribusiness and associated companies, specialising in Asian markets.

In addition to her work in seafood Jayne is currently consulting to the pork, red meat and packaging industries.  She is sought after as a speaker nationally and internationally, and currently lectures on international business development for the Executive MBA program at Queensland University of Technology.  Jayne served as President of IAFI (International Association of Seafood Professionals) for 4 years (2005-2009) and is still involved as an executive member of the Board.

Jayne’s professional credentials and memberships

  • BSc (ANU) and EMBA(QUT)
  • Adjunct Academic Fellow, Business School, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Visiting Fellow, Queensland University of Technology
  • Graduate, Harvard International Women’s Leadership Forum
  • Director, Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community


Social and market trends, Tue 10:40

China – the world’s biggest market for seafood – challenges for governments and business


It has been estimated by the FAO and others that China will consume more than 50% of the world’s seafood production by the year 2020.  This has enormous potential to disrupt international seafood trade in terms of who sells to whom and how much for.  At a company level staying relevant means understanding your consumer and delivering on their expectations.  At a government level ensuring that an appropriate regulatory environment exists that ensures food security while ensuring maximisation of commercial opportunities is a challenging balancing act.

This presentation will describe the macro seafood trading environment in China and delve into what is happening at the consumer level.  Who is buying seafood, what are they expecting and how do they make decisions about which seafood to buy.   Supply chain reform is occurring at a rapid rate in China driven to a large extent by the ongoing development of e-commerce. Using a case study framework the presentation will illustrate what is happening on the ground and make recommendations for both business and governments on how to take advantage of the opportunities while minimising the threats of such a huge change in global seafood demand.

Development Towards Future Supply of Sustainable Seafood, Mon 15:20