Jannicke Fugledal Remme


MSc Jannicke Fugledal Remme is a researcher working at the department of process technology at SINTEF Ocean in Ålesund, Norway. She is currently leading the project HeadsUp that is focusing on producing protein from cod heads, and is also involved in other projects related to utilization of rest raw materials.


Total Utilization of Seafood Resources, Tue 15:20

Quality protein from cod heads


The Norwegian export of dried cod heads are challenged by instability and unpredictability in the markets. And, in recent years the Norwegian export has been almost not existing. Traditionally cod heads have been dried, a tedious and resource demanding process in regards to both time and personnel, and which due to its unpredictability have led to great losses. Cod heads make up 17% of the cod, and is found to contain around 15% protein and very little fat, making it a highly desirable raw material for protein production by enzymatic hydrolysis. Different combinations of commercial enzymes as well as active endogenous enzymes in the raw material has been employed to investigate how they influences fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) yield and quality. Using commercial enzymes FPH with a protein content of 79-86%, and fat below 1% were produced, indicating that high quality FPH can be produced from cod heads.