Hörður Kristinsson


Dr. Kristinsson is the Chief Science and Innovation Officer of Matis, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the at the University of Florida and Courtesy Professor at the University of Iceland. He was previously an Associate Professor in Food Chemistry at the University of Florida. He has a PhD in Food Biochemistry, an MS degree in Food Science, an MBA and B.Sc. (hons.) in Molecular Biology. He combines over 20 years of practical experience of working in the food, biotech and functional ingredient industry with extensive commercial and research expertise in the production of various products and ingredients. He is the holder of six patents and has published over 110 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and books. He has led numerous research and development projects funded by industry and competitive grant programs in the USA, Europe and Iceland, and currently manages several major national and international research and development projects. Dr. Kristinsson has worked with several major food companies as well as a large number of SMEs. Dr. Kristinsson has been directly involved in and founded several company start-ups in bioprocessing and functional ingredients. Dr. Kristinsson is the chair of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and was an appointed expert member of the first European Bioeconomy Panel from 2013-2015.


Importance of regional cooperation, Tue 10:40

Nordic strategies for Bioeconomy


The bioeconomy is all-encompassing and comprises those parts of the economy that use renewable biological resources from land and sea in a responsible way with the aim at benefitting businesses, society and nature alike. The new bioeconomy is being driven by great innovations, many of which are disrupting conventional industries in a positive sense. Further advancing the bioeconomy is a key tool to tackle the grand challenges we are facing in the world and at the same time lead to sustainable economic growth. The Nordic countries are in a good position to take a global lead in the field of sustainable production and utilization of bio resources which will enhance both our competitiveness and sustainability. The Nordic countries have been working together on forming a joint Nordic bioeconomy strategy which will contribute to a sustainable transformation towards the bioeconomy and stimulate innovation. By investing in the bioeconomy we are investing in our future.