Guðný Káradóttir

Promote Iceland

Gudny Karadottir is the Director of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture Division at Promote Iceland (Islandsstofa). Gudny is responsible for the marketing of Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme (, promoting sustainable fisheries and certification of wild caught fish in Icelandic waters. Another marketing programme that her division is running is “The secret of the Icelandic Cod”. The objective is to strengthen the market position for salted cod products from Iceland in key markets in South Europe.

Promote Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic industries in foreign markets and to stimulate economic growth through foreign currency earnings and FDI.

Gudny holds MSc degree in Marketing from the Aalborg University in Denmark and a degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland. She has extensive experience in marketing management and branding in international projects.

Former work experiences include Managing Director of Gagarin, an IT and interactive design company (, Corporate Communications Manager of Eimskip transport company (, Marketing Consultant at the Trade Council of Iceland, and Assistance Professor at Bifröst Business College in Iceland (


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