Friederike Ziegler


Friederike Ziegler is a senior scientist at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, and heads the seafood sustainability group at RISE. Her research concerns sustainability assessment of seafood and other aquatic products based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology, both adapting the methodology to seafood production systems and broadening its applications to fisheries management and seafood certification- with the overall goal to help improving the sustainability of supply chains originating in fisheries and aquaculture in different parts of the world.


Development towards future supply of sustainable seafood, Mon 15:20

Life cycle inspired fisheries management- what does that mean?


Seafood LCA studies of products originating in capture fisheries have shown that fisheries management, the framework within which fishers operate, has a major influence on the environmental performance of the products generated. LCA methodology, or selected parts of it, could therefore be used to optimize fisheries management with the goal of maximizing the societal value generated, while minimizing resource use and impacts caused. This can involve new ways to allocate fishing rights between individual fishers or gear segments, based on environmental performance measured through the objective framework LCA. It could also involve taking into account product yield and fuel use in the fishery.

This presentation is based on recent case studies and a literature review to discuss how life cycle thinking could be integrated into fisheries management and seafood certification, for a more holistic assessment of sustainability with various concrete examples from North Atlantic fisheries.