Catherine Barrett

BIM, Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency

On graduating with a M.SC in Oceanography in 1998, Catherine began her career as a Whitefish Quality Technologist in BIM. An M.Sc in Food Safety Management in 2005, provided the backdrop to develop a Seafood Environmental Management System  for the Irish Catching Sector which encouraged up to  60% of national fleet capacity to implement onboard . Catherine is also a key member of the BIM team responsible for the  current review  of BIM’s Responsibly Sourced Seafood Standard (RSS)  and its development to deliver on the Sustainability targets set down by Ireland’s Food Wise 2025 and Implementation of Origin Green around  targets for raw material certification.


Development towards future supply of sustainable seafood, Mon 15:20

Ireland’s strategic Agri-food plan and the role of the state’s certification programme that underpins Ireland’s Seafood Sustainability


Food Wise 2025, an Irish government strategic plan for the development of Agri-food sector outlines key actions required to ensure that the seafood sector maximises its contribution to Ireland’s economic growth in an environmentally sustainable manner. “Origin Green”, Ireland’s national sustainability programme, builds on Ireland’s reputation as a green and dynamic supplier across all its food and drinks offering.  Reinforcement of Origin Green in the seafood sector will allow communication synergies with a €10.7 billion export food industry in international markets as well as on the home market.

In this regard, two national recommendations specifically targeted the seafood sector:

  • To prioritise the bringing of seafood under Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme
  • To adapt and enhance the existing independent third party verified standards to facilitate measurement of the environmental credentials of the seafood sector.

These targets and their role in Seafood sustainability and Labelling and certification schemes will be outlined.