Anthony Wan


Anthony is Co-founder and VP of Gfresh, and is responsible for the company’s global expansion and product development. Gfresh is China’s largest online seafood marketplace. Anthony has helped Gfresh launch operations in Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong. Prior to Gfresh, Anthony began his career as a solicitor at global law firm, Herbert Smith Freehills, where he specialised in M&A, equity and debt finance, and corporate governance. Anthony has worked in Sydney, New York, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Anthony comes from a family background in seafood. He is passionate about how technology can be applied to reduce delivery times, costs, and risks associated with seafood trading. Through Gfresh, he aims to build an online platform that makes the global seafood trade easier.


SeaFuture-X : How disruption is transforming the seafood industry and the blue bioeconomy, Wed 08:30

Tomorrow is already here – digital disruption in Seafood!


The rapid rise of e-commerce, particularly in China, is already disrupting the way seafood is traded globally.  Previously closely guarded contacts and market information is now freely available for everyone to see, to analyse and to take advantage of.  Having been personally involved in seafood trade between Australia and China for many years, Anthony Wan is a co-founder of G Fresh, a world leader in B2B e-commerce for live and fresh seafood.  In just under 2 years G Fresh has changed the way that live seafood is traded with China.

In this presentation Anthony will detail how the world of e-commerce works in China and describe how different supply chains have responded to this. Looking forward to the future Anthony will describe some developments already in the pipeline ad challenge the audience to see the future of seafood trading quite differently.  The way it has always been is no longer the way it will be in the future! As Charles Darwin once most famously said “The species that will survive are not the strongest but those that are most adaptive and responsive to change”.