Anis Somani

Sunwell Technologies Inc.

Mr. Somani is a Chemical Engineer by profession with over 25 years of diverse industrial experience. He is currently with Sunwell Technologies Inc., of Toronto, Canada where he is responsible for Director of Sales. As developer of advanced cooling technology, Sunwell’s DeepChill system finds application in many areas, mainly seafood preservation.


Emerging Technologies, Tue 10:40

Introduction to DeepChill – An Advanced Cooling Technology for Seafood Preservation


After fifteen years of research & development Sunwell Technologies of Toronto, Canada created a powerful cooling medium commercially known as “DeepChill™ Variable-State Ice”. DeepChill has been recognized as the most advanced and effective means of product cooling available for food product processing and storage applications. It is comprised of billions of ice “micro-crystals” suspended in a liquid solution.  These ice crystals are typically between 0.1 and 1 mm in diameter, have the flow characteristics of water and the cooling capacity of ice. It is an unparalleled cooling medium due to its high heat transfer surface when it contacts a product that is to be cooled. It can be utilized as a very liquid solution with a virtually undetectable ice concentration to a heavy “slush” containing a moderate ice content and ultimately even as a dry “crystal ice”.