Elisabeth Ytteborg


Elisabeth Ytteborg is a researcher at Nofima, Norway. She is working within the area of fish health, particularly with preventive fish health for farmed Atlantic salmon. She is responsible for the aquaculture sector in ClimeFish.


Opportunities in aquaculture, Mon 15:20

How will Climate Changes Effect Future Aquaculture in Europe?


ClimeFish investigates the impact climate changes will have on the most important and the less resilient species in the fisheries, aquaculture and lake and pond production sectors in Europe. We are studying 16 specific cases, involving six farmed species: salmon production in Scotland and Norway, shellfish production in Spain and Italy, Carp production in Hungary and sea bass production in Greece. These species and the production is studied in respect to climate scenarios from the IPCC and will be followed until 2050. Knowledge, information and programs developed in the project will help us to better prepare for the effects caused by climate changes, exploiting possibilities and reducing negative impact. One important output of ClimeFish is to produce vulnerability maps that identify hotspots and most affected regions in Europe. These maps may be used to guide investments, provide guidelines for adaptation and help to decide best management plans.