Dimitar Taskov

University of Stirling, Institute of Aquaculture

Dimitar Taskov is a PhD student at the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University, from where he also obtained his BSc in Aquaculture (2014) and MSc in Aquaculture and Development (2015). He has done research on the socio-economic effects of improved integrated aquaculture systems in south-west Bangladesh and the carrying capacity for cage aquaculture of Indonesian lakes and reservoirs. Dimitar’s current work is linked to an international project PrimeFish, and focuses on the competitiveness of European fisheries and aquaculture sectors.


Competiveness & economic sustainability / Improving strategic plans, Tue 15:20

Evaluating the business strategy and competitiveness of an innovative trout company


This study evaluates the competition strategy of one of the largest vertically integrated trout producers in the UK with production and processing operations across Scotland. The scale, growth and innovation of the company is exceptional within a traditional UK sector dominated by smaller, more production focussed operations. Its strategic positioning includes a move towards saltwater cage production, value-added processing and marketing strategies more typical of a highly consolidated salmon sector with which it is increasingly likely to compete. The study uses a mixed-methods approach with a review of secondary data followed by in-depth interviews with industry representatives and other stakeholders. The study also incorporates a cost-benefit assessment comparing salmon and trout production in seawater cages in Scotland and established ‘salmon-trout’ sectors in third countries, assesses the evolution of the business model and prospects for its medium-term competitiveness within the UK trout and salmon sectors.